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Welcome to Majesteux Parquet by Coffs Harbour Hardwoods. We are a 100% family owned Australian business specialising in the wholesale distribution of hardwoods. We have been producing high quality hardwoods since 1961. In that time, we have been a reputable producer of solid hardwood flooring products. The Majesteux Parquet range is just another addition to our flooring range.

Majesteux as the name implies (Majestic) is a range of high-end parquetry flooring products that are manufactured to a specific quality standard. Majesteux Parquet is available in traditional block parquetry, mosaic parquetry and tailored bespoke parquetry for a distinctive looking floor.

Majesteux has come about due to the resurgence in parquetry floors. Parquetry has stood the test of time as a flooring product, during the 1600s parquet flooring became the epitome of elegance in stately homes, palaces and chateaux throughout France.

About Majestuex Parquet

only the highest
quality materials.

As parquetry projects can be quite daunting in their scale. We are available for advice, and can work with architects, specifiers, interior designers, builders, renovators and resellers to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

With Majesteux Parquet you can expect exceptional quality that will allow you the chance to make something unique and distinctive in a floor for use in both residential and commercial applications.

Majesteux Parquet is supplied in two different styles: block and mosaic parquetry.

Block parquetry can be can also be laid in varying colours, shapes and sizes to create unique and decorative geometric patterns. When considering a style for your project you might consider a classic or contemporary look. Only the imagination limits the possibilities of a parquetry floor.

Mosaic Parquetry is the more traditional style of parquetry. It is created by arranging small fingers of selected timber in tiles, then changing the direction of these rows at consistent intervals to create a square on square pattern.

Our parquetry range of products are available in many Australian species including blackbutt, blue gum, brush box, ironbark, jarrah, spotted gum, Tasmanian oak and tallowwood.

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